Users Courses

Training at our corporate offices provide customers with a comprehensive level of instruction on how to use their color matching software most effectively. Each course is taught by skilled instructors who work directly with participants in a hands-on classroom atmosphere, providing a highly interactive educational experience.

We’ll be offering the 3-day hands-on course for Datacolor MATCH TEXTILE at Datacolor Corporate Headquarters

Doors open at 8:15 am.  Courses begin at 8:45 am. Coffee, Drinks, Snacks and Lunches Included. The schedule runs until 4:30 or 5:00 pm daily, but there’s variation depending on class size and composition.  

Frequently Thursday’s session ends earlier in the afternoon.  

To Register For a Users Course:

  1. Complete the User Course Registration Form
  2. Return the form to us (via email to, print & fax to 609.895.7420 or even postal mail

Request Information Click for the User Course Schedule

For your protection, don’t email credit card or bank account numbers. Just indicate your preference and we’ll phone you.


To get the most from your course experience, you’ll need to prepare.

  1. Sample panels made with your product and raw materials (Colorant Set Mixtures and Knowns)
    Datacolor MATCH courses require specific samples to complete the section on colorant set building. After new product orders, a Datacolor Application Specialist will contact you to discuss your color-matching process and send a sample-preparation guide specific to your needs. Otherwise, or if you prefer, you may contact Technical Support toll-free at 1-800-982-6496 to initiate the conversation.

    Note: The quality of matching results you’ll get depends on accurate sample preparation, so it is important to review sample preparation guides thoroughly and discuss any questions or uncertainty before beginning.

  2. Familiarity with fundamental color concepts
    During the course we’ll have a short review of the basics and provide a booklet and interactive CD for further study. For review prior to the course, you’ll find a video presentation ‘Introduction to Color Technology’ online.
  3. Working familiarity with Windows and general PC operation.