Color Competence

A Live Webinar Series for Busy Color Professionals

Confused by vague color descriptions and evaluation disagreements? Tired of repeatedly solving the same color problems? Discouraged by the expense, time, and hassle to travel for training? Even more discouraged by the costs of learning by trial-and-error … on the job?

We’re here to help.

Let the Datacolor’s experts guide you out of that rut and around productivity-wasting pitfalls, in under an hour, with a commute no further than your own PC.

From visual and instrumental evaluations through color design and specification, we’ll show you the sources and effects of common color mistakes – and best practices so you’ll recognize and avoid them.

Divide and Conquer: We’ve arranged the topics into five, schedule-friendly chunks.

Live-hosted by Datacolor’s Senior Application Specialists, each interactive session takes 45 minutes, including ample time for questions and answers.

Who Should Attend:

  • Industrial specifiers and evaluators using color technology
  • Technology-naïve specifiers/evaluators

Pick a single topic – or take advantage of the entire series:

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