Discontinued Products

Important Information on the Provision of Replacement Parts for older Spectrophotometers and Light Cabinets.

Changes in technology have created some difficult challenges for Datacolor. The most significant challenge has proven to be our ability to provide instrument hardware support at a “reasonable cost” to our customers. Many of the major components used to produce several of our older spectrophotometers are no longer available. Some components that are available are in limited supply and at a much higher cost.

In light of this, Datacolor will not be able to fully support certain instruments as listed below. However, in our ongoing efforts to provide you with the best customer service, we will make every attempt to support your older instruments if possible. If you have an instrument included on this list, please contact us to find out how we can help you.

What the discontinuation of support Policy means:

  • No Telephone or email support beyond basic coverage
  • Datacolor support will not provide help on reinstallation of these legacy products on newer computers
  • Current Applications agreements will be honored but will not be renewed

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Discontinued Hardware Products

Instrument / Light CabinetsSupport Discontinued Effective Date
Chroma SensorJune 2000
CS-5 and CS-3April 2002
38XX series Units Built BEFORE 1988June 2000
38XX series Units Built AFTER 1988September 2002
39XX SeriesSeptember 2002
SF500 SeriesSeptember 2002
Microflash 100d & 200dFebruary 2010
Dataflash 100 s/n < 7000January 2013
Spectraflash 300 s/n < 3000 February 2010
Spectraflash 450 s/n < 1000 January 2013
Spectraflash 600 (CS) s/n < 3000February 2010
Spectraflash 600 (Plus) (CT) s/n < 6000January 2013
Spectraflash 600 T (pn)April 2015
Elrepho 450 s/n < 1000January 2013
Elrepho 3100 & 3300February 2010
Multilight 2 (ML 2)June 2002
Multilight 5 (ML 5)June 2002
Tru-Vue 1June 2002
Verivide CA SeriesApril 2015
CheckFebruary 2016
Datacolor ViewportFebruary 2016

Lab DispensingSupport Discontinued Effective Date
DS3 & DM3January 1996
DS5 & DM5July 2001
AUTOLAB Models: 32, 40 Combo,
64, 72, 72 Combo, 96, 96T, 104,
104T, 108, 108T, 108 Combo, 128,
128T, 186, 186T, 100 Plus,
20V, Modulo GT series
December 2012
AUTOLAB SM, SMS, SM ChemDecember 2012
39XX SeriesSeptember 2002

Lab DyeingSupport Discontinued Effective Date
PolymatDecember 2004
TexomatDecember 200
ColormatSeptember 2004
Winder KSWDecember 2004
Turbolor 1000December 2009
TurbomatDecember 2009
Nuance Top SpeedDecember 2011
Nuance ECO (serial #<03170)December 2011
Nuance PlusDecember 2011

Discontinued Software Products

Datacolor will no longer replace defective hardware keys. The table below shows discountinued software products and the name of the replacement product Datacolor TOOLS v. 2.1 or above

Legacy Software with DongleReplacement Software
Quality Control Software
Chroma QCDatacolor TOOLS v. 2.1 or above
DatamasterDatacolor TOOLS v. 2.1 or above
Colortools 1.X, 2.XDatacolor TOOLS v. 2.1 or above
Datacolor Tools 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2Datacolor TOOLS v. 2.1 or above
Color Matching Software
Chroma Calc I, II, and IIIDatacolor MATCH PIGMENT v. 3.3 or above
Match AFXDatacolor MATCH PIGMENT v. 3.3 or above
Datamatch Paint, Plastic and InkDatacolor MATCH PIGMENT v. 3.3 or above
Datacolor Match Pigment 1.XDatacolor MATCH PIGMENT v. 3.3 or above
Datacolor Match Pigment 2.0, 2.1Datacolor MATCH PIGMENT v. 3.3 or above
Lab Paintmaker 1.x -3.15Datacolor MATCH PIGMENT v. 3.3 or above
Datamatch TextileDatacolor MATCH TEXTILE v. 2.1 or above
DCIMatch 1.0 – 1.2.XDatacolor MATCH TEXTILE v. 2.1 or above
Datacolor Match Textile 1.x – 1.5Datacolor MATCH TEXTILE v. 2.1 or above
Retail Software
DOS PaintmakerDatacolor PAINT v. 2.0 or above
Paintmaker V1.0–2.2Datacolor PAINT v. 2.0 or above
Datacolor Paint 1.0 – 1.1Datacolor PAINT v. 2.0 or above
Visualization Software
ImageSync 3.xDatacolor ENVISION
ImageMatch 3.xDatacolor ENVISION Plus
ImageMaster 3.xDatacolor ENVISION Pro