Accurate and objective Color Assessment for multi-colored-materials
Datacolor VIEWPORT™ adds objectivity and accuracy to visual color approval processes. Using digital camera technology, VIEWPORT replaces the subjective, visual observer by an objective, color-calibrated device that repeatedly and accurately captures images of multi-colored materials. By acquiring color corrected images under three different lights, Viewport provides a unique way of detecting metamerism, color variations and differences that appear under alternative lights. Viewport’s proprietary technology provides a new dimension of color assessment and is the first solution to capture images in agreement to the visual perception and under three different lights – Day, Home and Store.

Viewport – Objective Color Assessment
Datacolor VIEWPORT is specifically designed for the needs of colorists and manufacturing QC operators. The system captures color-calibrated images under three illuminants and with its in-situ color correlation, observer metamerism is minimized. Easy to interpret, numerical QC results and accurate, virtual product simulations on screen, allow suppliers and customers to assess the color quality of multi-colored-materials in the same, objective way.

Designed For:

Capturing, digital color assessment of multi colored objects of all kind such as prints, laces, denim, heather samples, flooring materials, wood stain.


Color quality needs to be assessed, visualized and communicated also for those multi-colored materials, which can not be measured unit so far in the traditional way.

Datacolor VIEWPORT™ eliminates the problems of the visual color assessment process by replacing the subjective, visual observer (the human eye) by a factory-calibrated camera. The camera takes color-calibrated images of the materials under three different illuminations. Each image is displayed on a color-calibrated monitor to serve the need for accurate and undisputable visualization of the material. By allowing to view the images under three different illuminants the system provides the ability to visualize and identify metamerism effects.

As the system operates on the acquired images from a high resolution DSLR, a main objective of the solution is, to allow for a pixel-based color analysis of the color-calibrated images.

In comparison to other, imaged based color assessment systems, Datacolor Viewport provides several unique features:

  • Accurate and reproducible capturing of color-calibrated images under 3 different illuminants
  • Image capturing with a single-button push
  • In-situ color calibration for every image
  • Allows currently visually assessed materials, to join the objective digital color approval process
  • Attractive price point at the level between high-end Spectrophotometers and traditional Light booth

The main functions are:

  • color measurement of flat samples in 3 illuminants
  • color difference evaluation for multi-color objects
  • color difference evaluation data are available in reports

Datacolor VIEWPORT™ consists of:

  • Imaging Booth
    • Light cabinet with multiple reference lights – daylight, incandescent, fluorescent
    • Digital camera to acquire color-calibrated images in one or more lights
    • Tray to hold fabric and other flat samples for imaging
    • Color calibration strip chart integrated with sample tray
    • Grey card to calibrate for light intensity non-uniformity in the imaging plane
  • Desktop Application
    • Acquire and process the camera images for color calibrated output
    • Color and appearance difference calculation between a pair of images
  • Visualization system
    • Factory-Calibrated High-End Graphics Monitor

This solutions includes:

  • Imaging Unit, Software
  • annual service contract covering:
    • 2 x Calibration chart replacement
    • annual on-site service, check lamp intensity
    • Upgrade offer to Enterprise Version
    • 1 lamp set/year
    • Factory-Calibrated High-End Graphics Monitor (optional)

Light sources for image capturing 3 per sequence (Day, Home, Store) equipped with: D65, A, and 2 types of flourescent
Image capturing and processing time From click of button to result output: 1.5 min.
Possible Material Sizes up to A4/letter page Selection of STD/BAT between 4 – 1000px
Color Accuracy
Repeatability (using Temperature Control)
Short term repeatability
(in an hour):
mean: DE=0.3
max: DE=0.5
Long term repeatability
(from day to day):
mean: DE=0.6
max: DE=1.2
Inter Instrument Agreement
(using Temperature Control)
In controlled 25°C – 30°C lamp temperature window: mean: DE=0.5
max: DE=1.1
Environmental conditions/requirements Temperature:
20°C (+/-2°C)

Introduction to VIEWPORT®

Introduction to Datacolor’s VIEWPORT® for capturing, digital color assessment of multi-colored-objects of all kind such as prints, laces, denim, heather samples, flooring materials, wood stain.

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Viewport Introduction