Datacolor TOOLS 2.0® a modern, easy to use and feature rich Color-QC application for textile, paint, plastic, ink, paper and cosmetics industries and global textile and automotive supply chain members. It enables customers to analyze, report, communicate and visualize accurate color QC results. All of this in a modern, convenient and flexible way, which results in more efficient processes and greater productivity for colored goods.

Datacolor TOOLS 2.0® helps companies to report their color quality faster, reduce lead times for having users adapting to interfaces, though saves production cost and ensures consistent color quality.Datacolor TOOLS 2.0® is a solid addition to Datacolor’s integrated solution for supply-chain color management.

Designed For:

QC specialists from every industry who are involved in more than just producing consistent color from batch to batch. You’re responsible for meeting each customer’s unique color quality control criteria. From simple pass/fall tolerances to more complex supply chain process control mandates, it takes more than color quality color (QC) software.

  • Unrivaled Ease-of-Use
    Work the way you want with Datacolor TOOLS 2.0®. Retrieve and manage all of your samples in an intuitive desktop explorer. Put your most frequently used functions in the ribbon bar. Display your plots and data grids in panels that you can modify – on the fly. Define levels of usage to the needs of your users. From routine to complex procedures, color QC operations are simple and intuitive to do.
  • Familiar User Interface
    The new MS-Office 2007 style interface makes users feel comfortable from the start. A user-definable Home Bar lets you put your day-to-day functions in a ribbon bar for quick access. You can also group functions in command tabs for different classes of users. This means that you can greatly reduce learning curves and training time of your people.
  • Desktop Explorer Simplifies Daily Navigation
    All your active standards and batches are organized in a modern, desktop explorer letting you easily view and manage your daily data. Popular functions such as retrieving, deleting, activating, or renaming can be executed with a right click of the mouse. You can also display and toggle between the measurement conditions and active tolerance of any of your desktop data. Hide this function at any time for more room. Our Desktop Explorer gives you a full overview of all your samples and lets you drill down quickly without searching through a full database.
  • Easy Data Management and Security
    Use the simple Data Navigator/Explorer to store, view, organize, and secure your database in the way that works best for your business. You can select individual sample properties for display, filtering, or analysis right from the explorer tree. This means that there is no data management learning curve for you or your lab. You can start up faster and finish sooner without losing the detail you need.
  • Seamless integration to Datacolor Formulation Software
    Since all Datacolor software is based on a single, powerful database, sharing between QC and formulation applications is transparent. For example, seasonal collections of standards, measured into the QC software can directly be used in queue-formulations. Recipes and formulation jobs calculated in the matching software can be completely evaluated using all of the power of Datacolor TOOLS 2.0. Users can enjoy the best of both worlds with state-of-the-art QC and formulation systems at their fingertips.
  • Unique Spectral Visualization of Textured Samples
    Using our innovative Envision algorithms allows users to display spectral color on a library of textured substrates to achieve the highest level of visual assessment. Now users can judge the appearance of a single spectral color on multiple substrates under multiple illuminants. Metamerism can be easily exposed and color approvals can be made on-screen reducing the need for physical samples. Design tools for color harmony and palette creation extend color communication from designer to supplier. No other color QC software offers spectral visualization.
  • Configurable User Interface
    Personalize the layout, data views, and functions to the needs of your operation with a few simple clicks of your mouse. No programming or hidden commands are needed. You can assign QC templates on a user or global basis. It’s simple to choose which plots, indicies, or data grids you want to include. Even spectral visualization of images is supported. No two labs or companies are the same. This configurability means that Datacolor TOOLS 2.0® will work the way you do without the need for a computer guru or a separate forms editor.
  • State of the Art Tolerancing
    Datacolor TOOLS 2.0® offers the most extensive range of tolerancing options available in any color QC software. In addition to the standard CIELAB and CMC criteria, custom tolerance blocks can be defined for individual substrates, jobs, or customers. The unique “Datacolor Tolerance” links instrumental measurements to visual assessment and multi-illuminant color constancy plots add an entirely new dimension to color control. This range and flexibility in tolerancing options gives users the ability to better manage and control color processes in the plant and throughout the supply chain.
  • Unique “Datacolor Tolerancing” connects instrumental and visual data
    Datacolor Tolerancing creates a unique global tolerance based on your visual assessments. The technology is especially useful for specifiers and suppliers that have a large number of colors for a single substrate or process (e.g. yarn, plastics, paint and coatings). Users simply accept or reject individual batches and the facility then automatically computes a custom, three dimensional tolerance. This means that suppliers can achieve much greater control of their processes and be assured that numerical pass/fail criteria will match visual assessment.
  • Tolerance Flexibility and Management
    Users have unlimited flexibility in defining, selecting, and working with color QC tolerances. Unique tolerance blocks can be established for individual substrates, jobs, or customers and then linked automatically into the color QC workflow. Multiple tolerances (e.g. CIELAB and CMC) can even be combined allowing users to have multiple pass/fail criteria in a single data grid. All standard and custom tolerance blocks can be selected for use and available for presentation in data grids, plots, or reports. This unmatched flexibility in color QC tolerances means that you can satisfy the demanding quality requirements of your internal and external customers.
  • Multi-Illuminant Color Constancy Plots
    Many samples show variance in color when illuminated under different light sources (Color-Inconstancy). Datacolor TOOLS 2.0® displays the color differences of such samples under three illuminants in a plot that is very easy to interpret. Users can easily discern that a range of samples may not be metameric, but do exhibit significant color inconstancy. This feature allows formulators to instantly decide which recipe has the best color constancy and thereby achieve much better production results.
  • Datacolor QTX Protocol – the Industry Standard
    For years, companies communicating critical color data throughout their supply chains have relied on the Datacolor QTX protocol. Datacolor TOOLS 2.0® continues to support this open standard. No other format is as flexible, easy-to-use, and as widely adapted as the QTX format. Many global companies have used the protocol to integrate their color data streams into their enterprise or PLM systems. The ability to add business meta data in addition to color metrics enables full color approval tracking systems. Datacolor continues to work in close collaboration with its global customers to ensure that the QTX protocol is continually enhanced and enriched to meet the evolving needs of our customers.
  • Interactive Graphical Plots
    An all new, interactive graphics module enables simple, efficient, and detailed data analysis. Users can view data graphically against the correct tolerances without searching through menus. Each graph type is interactive allowing the user to change data points, illuminants, zoom, orientation, and 2D or 3D views. When a data point is selected all other elements in the software are highlighted. Users have full command and visibility of their color QC data at a single glance.
  • Full Backward Compatibility
    Previous versions of Datacolor TOOLS are widely used in many industry supply chains. Thousands of users who are familiar with the workflow and procedures of these older systems can continue to work with their forms and still take full advantage of all of the new features in Datacolor TOOLS 2.0®. Existing users will quickly want to use the new smart graphics, Desktop Explorer, and spectral visualization of textured substrates. This means you can upgrade to industry leading Datacolor TOOLS 2.0® software with little disruption to your operation.
  • Modern and Reliable Architecture
  • Robust, Powerful, and Reliable Database
    Based on the industry leading Sybase database, Datacolor TOOLS 2.0 provides referential integrity, flexible data access throughout the enterprise, and fast performance for even very large databases unlike competitive systems that use Microsoft Access. This means that your data is safe and available to whoever needs it in your company.
  • Industry Leading Security and GUID Tagging
    Administrator level safeguards can be used to restrict data and feature access on a per user or per user class basis. Also a Global Unique Identifier (GUID) is automatically tagged to every sample that includes instrument ID and measurement conditions. This means that data reviewed anywhere in the global supply chain can be traced back to its origin with a full history.
  • Full Network and Terminal Server Compatibility
    A wide range of networking options including terminal server allow you to share data with employees, contractors and partners based on a single database for simplified corporate-wide deployment. Datacolor TOOLS 2.0 conforms to your IT requirements and scales as your business grows or changes.
  • Windows 7 Compatibility
    Datacolor TOOLS 2.0 supports Windows 7 allowing your organization to take advantage of the latest advances in computer technology and ease of use.
  • Design Link to Adobe Software
    The Datacolor TOOLS 2.0® Design Link feature closes the gap between accurate, reflectance-based color data and Adobe .ACO and .ASE files. This allows reliable, accurate color data exchange throughout the supply chain. Designers can easily import and use the same color data that suppliers are using. This means that you can achieve seamless and accurate color communication throughout the supply chain.

Datacolor TOOLS® 2.0® Software License

Processor Pentium 4 2.5 GHz
Memory 2 GB
Free Hard Drive Capacity 120 GB
Video Resolution 1024 x 768 True Color
Video Memory 128 MB
CD/DVD Drive DVD Drive (DVD Writer recommended)
Diskette Drive 1.44 MB
Available Ports (1) RS-232 Serial, (3) USB
Printer Port Parallel or USB
Operating System Windows® XP Pro, SP 2

Software Specifications

Configurable button bars Yes Yes Yes
Hide menu bar/button bars NO Yes Yes
Screen forms Limited set of Yes Yes
Print forms Limited set of Yes Yes
File forms Limited set of Yes Yes
Multiple form display Yes Yes Yes
Marks & Spencer setup Yes Yes Yes
Manual curve adjustment NO Yes Yes
Manual gloss adjustment NO Yes Yes
Full range of Color Indices including: E313 Whiteness/Yellowness, Berger Whiteness, CIE Whiteness/Tint, Ganz-Griesser Whiteness, TAPPI 525 Brightness, R457 Brightness Yes Yes Yes
ASTM Haze (4 measurements) NO Yes Yes
Gray scale color change, Gray scale for staining NO form but in grid Yes Yes
ISO 150-A06 Standard Depth NO form but in grid Yes Yes
CMCCON97 Color Inconstancy Yes Yes Yes
DIN 6172 Metamerism index- additive and multiplicative Yes Yes Yes
APHA 10 Scale NO form but in grid Yes Yes
Statistics-std deviation, mean avg Yes Yes Yes


CIE L*a*b*C*h* u*v*, CIE 94, CMC, CIE DE2000, DIN99, M&S 89 Yes Yes Yes
Datacolor, AI and Generic tolerancing NO creation of new Yes Yes

Tolerance Maintenance:

New/Edit/Delete multiple tolerance blocks Limited selection Yes Yes
Plots to support above Tolerances (2D and 3D) and absolute Trend and Histogram (not for generic Tolerances) Yes Yes Yes
3 Illuminant Plot display Yes Yes Yes
Envision Color Patch (new component) Color patch ( solid ) Yes Yes Yes
Color patch ( Image File ) NO Yes Yes
Connect a wide range of Datacolor and competitive Instruments Yes NO Yes
Form Elements- Form Backward compatible New Format of Form/Template No Form Editor Form Editor included
Text output, Edit boxes, List boxes, Buttons, Plots (new types) Yes Yes Yes
User defined fields NO Yes Yes
Date Picker NO Yes Yes
Various methods for Standard/Batch entry Manual entry of %R / %T values, Color Coordinates Yes NO Yes
Swap standard/batch NO Yes Yes
Load standard as batch and batch as standard Yes Yes Yes
Per-standard tolerances Yes Yes Yes

User Management:

Create a new user NO (only default ones) Yes Yes
Customizing a user profile NO Yes Yes
Direct link to Formulation Packages Yes Yes Yes
Direct link to TRACK and/or ENVISION NO Yes Yes
E-mail capability NO Yes Yes
Export to ASCII file Yes Yes Yes


Create/Use Procedures (Form Editor) NO Yes Yes
Multiple user login NO Yes Yes
Create custom database fields NO NO Yes
Save modified Template as new NO Yes Yes
Terminal Server or Citrix Environment NO Yes Yes
Dynamic Sorting Module and Side-Center-Side Module NO optional optional