The Datacolor AHIBA IR™ Pro gives outstanding performance in any textile exhaust dyeing laboratory. Specific and unique features not offered by competitive units and attention to accuracy and flexibility make the AHIBA IR™ Pro an important tool in everyday laboratory dyeing. For the discerning laboratory that requires their equipment to provide valuable feedback during and about their dyeing process the IR Pro is a great match.

Designed For:

The textile laboratory where speed accuracy and dependability are the primary focus.

Unrivalled Temperature Control
A dye machine must follow the programmed curve as accurately as possible regardless of temperature or beaker load in order to achieve acceptable results. This is a staple in the design of the Ahiba IR Pro as the graph shows.

World Class Repeatability
With Ahiba IR Pro you can dye your samples with the confidence in knowing that years of experience and knowledge have gone into understanding the dyeing process and controlling the variables that can lead to costly re-dyes.

GPS-Like Color Controller
Ease of Use has been a tradition with Ahiba dye machines and the tradition continues with our newest controller. The new touch-screen controller uses icons with text and color schemes laid out in a GPS like color format that makes using the controller very simple and easy to understand.

Water Cooling for Control in any Environment
High efficiency heat exchanger combined with water cooling deliver optimized control and performance in any lab environment.

New Controller Algorithms
Ahiba IR Pro contains sophisticated algorithms and control logic to ensure the temperature and time programmed is achieved regardless of beaker size and beaker load. This attention to design excellence sets Ahiba machines above the competition.

Multi- level user interface gives lab managers the maximum control. Password protected areas ensure your data is protected from editing or deletion.

PC Application Software
Adding to the flexibility lab managers can easily create programs and store programs to your local PC, transfer to the controller via a USB flash drive, edit programs from the controller and view log files of the performed process curve.

  • Machine complete with beaker wheel
  • Complete set of dyeing beakers.*** Note – If dosing beakers are ordered then all needed accessories to complete the dosing are also included ***
  • Beaker lid closing tool
  • (1) Beaker Preparation Basket equal to the size beakers ordered
  • Extra set of spare O-rings
  • Spare PT-100 sensor
  • PC Application Utilility Program
  • USB Flash Drive
  • User Manual
  • Quick Start Guide

Installation requirements
The system should be installed on a sturdy table in a laboratory environment with temperature and humidity conditions from 5 -31°C with <80% relative humidity and from 31°C to 40°C with <50% relative humidity.

The electrical supply must be 230 V, 50/60 Hz Single phase, 3 wire (Line, Neutral, and Earth Gorund) 3300KW with a tolerance of <+/-10%. An Earth ground must be connected to be in compliance with safety and warranty requirements for the unit.

If the mains power line is prone to interruptions and failures a UPS is recommended. If the mains source is not clean and stable then a mains voltage regulator is recommended.

The unit is water cooled, Use only filtered and softened water.
Pressure: 2-3 bar (30-45 psi)
Hardness: <10 dH
Temperature: Ideally <15C
Hose: Min. diam. 3/8″ (10mm),Hi Temp.



Fibers All
Substrates Piece, Skein, Loose, Tops
Minimum Liquor Ratio 1:5

Heating / Cooling

Heating System Infra-Red
Max. Heating Power 3 KW
Temperature Range 20° – 140°C
Cooling Coll-water heat exchanger

Dyeing Capacities

Beaker Sizes & Maximum 150cc x 20
Number of Dyeing Positions 300cc x 15
500cc x 8
1000cc x 8
5L x 1
Fastness Testing 500cc x 10
Dosing injection or membrane
Controller Type Custom Designed microprocessor
Program Capacity 99 dyeing programs
Program Name user selectable alpha-numeric
Programmable Steps 15
Display Size 5.7″ TFT Touch-screen